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This is Diesel,  he was once  used as a "bait dog" -Thanks to an awesome couple he is now living in a great home & "working" with the police department!

Ghandi, isn't he gorgeous? He was in desperate need of extensive eye surgery that caused him much pain. He is now living the "good life" with his awesome new owner! Whom we cant thank enough!!!

This is Saddie- she spent most of her life homeless or on the run - she now lives in a great home and is quite spoiled as she deserves!

This is Briar - he was in need of urgent Medical care  - which he recieved and is doing great! Briar and his family were able to stay together!

Chance - This poor guy was severly neglected and malnourished - Thanks to his awesome "new-mom" he is thriving!!

Chewie --- our nieces giving the "sad face" so thier father would let them have her, but she found a home the next day - and doing very well!! 

Shelly ---- This little sweetie had a very hard time being left alone and had severe seperation anxiety -both her parents were working full-time and in school, she is now at a santuary and stays with the workers during the day and is doing great!!

These two small kittens "Jackie & Maddie" were living outside in the cold - both were adopted and living in great homes.

Juice!  This handsome guy was being used as a "bait dog" & living in horrible conditions. thanks to his awesome new owner he is very well taken care of and living a safe, happy life.

This beautiful girl "Dolly"  was dumped and left to fend for herself - her new family just loves her and she is treated like a princess!

This little "sweetie" is Maddie- she was in a shelter, scheduled to be put down-- she is doing great now!!

Pumpkin was a small kitten that was found wondering alone - she was taken in by a great family! She is doing very well now.

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